Communications at SWLV

There is always a lot going on in church with a lot of people, preferences, events and ministries to consider. We’ve been working in the background to update our communication across all channels and thought we’d share where you can find what you need across all our platforms.

Information for everyone…

Our hub and external window for church wide calendar events, serving team registration, small group info, courses and so much more! This content is accessible to all, explaining what we believe with next steps for everyone whether they have faith or not.

The website has been designed to share as much information as possible. However, you can filter events, groups and teams to easily find what you need.

  • Calendar events
  • Courses
  • Contact us
  • Register Interest
  • Catch up on talks
  • Give online

Read full consideration and benefits of updating the website below in our Web Rational document.

Gathering together on Sundays is our greatest opportunity to share news with the majority of church family. We will always be announcing our top three upcoming church wide events. Sundays together are also a good times to share news, stories, testimony, and pray together.

  • Top three upcoming church wide events
  • Key date prayers
  • News
  • Shared stories
  • Biblical teaching

We’ve been sending out monthly newsletters with content that you might not usually hear from the front of church on Sundays. This might be community project stories, vision and thematic content, team updates from ministry leaders, devotional and prayer points along with any news for the term.
From January this will be changing to being sent out as termly newsletters.

Ministry team leaders will continue to send weekly updates to inform teams and small groups. Specific ministry area content that isn’t church wide will be send via personal or private invitation. And, of course, we will continue to write to you if there is anything the Lord is speaking to us about. These are always sent with consideration and in a timely fashion.

If you’d like receive newsletters but currently don’t, please update your communication settings on
My ChurchSuite or let us know.

  • Topical content
  • Prayer + devotion
  • Church wide news
  • Upcoming events

We use social channels for reminders of events, sign ups and quick links to events along with occasional stories from across church community.

Our social platforms are intended to be used as windows into church for those who may not have been to church before. These channels will not be used for political content, to engage in debate or commentary but to be used as resource, inspiration and reminders only. All channel links areon

We won’t always be able to say everything in a newsletter or on Sundays together so longer content will be turned into blogs.

  • Quick links
  • Event reminders
  • Inspiration + devotion
  • Longer community stories
  • Lengthy church wide resource

Your information in one place…


ChurchSuite is our admin facing database that allows us to monitor health and security across events, information storage and operations. We then remain compliant with GDPR legislation; supporting our data storage, safeguarding and compliance policies.

ChurchSuite also functions as the backend of, powering the website with calendar event information, small group and sign ups for teams and serving. It also keep everyone’s information very safe. 

  • Church calendar + management system
  • Address book
  • Rotas + small groups
  • Managing ongoing data consent
  • Privacy and security
  • Booking and planning
  • Website back end
  • Online giving

My ChurchSuite

This is church in your pocket!
Keeping up to date and managing your details all in one place.

MY CHURCHSUITE is the public facing platform of ChurchSuite allowing YOU to see all your info, teams, events and emails all in one place.
You don’t have to be on a serving team to be signed up to My ChurchSuite. You can use it as a church app to listen to past talks, see the events calendar and sign up, see all your church emails in one place and see what small groups you are part of. So much!

• See all your SWLV emails in one place
• Manage your personal info
• Manage your privacy settings
• View all your rotas
• Take control of financial giving
• Reduce unnecessary office admin
• Ensures up to date data
• Control your comms preferences
• Parents easily manage kids details
• View and sign up to events
• Easily join small groups
• Catch up on talks
• GDPR compliant

My ChurchSuite allows you to see all your serving dates, accept and decline upcoming times and see who else is serving on with you.

If you are reading this from an external link and would like to connect into SWLV register your details
and make sure your communication options are to receive general emails.