My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite app is one of the best ways for members of our church family to keep up to date with everything going on in the life of the church. Keep up to date with your  your rotas, events and all communication.


One app for everyone

Helping you stay connected



MY CHURCHSUITE is the public facing platform of ChurchSuite allowing YOU to see all your info, teams, events and emails all in one place.

You don’t have to be on a serving team to be signed up to My ChurchSuite. You can use it as a church app to listen to past talks, see the events calendar and sign up, see all your church emails in one place and see what small groups you are part of. So much!

The app helps us work more collaboratively in areas of serving and volunteering so that rota planning became more streamlined and those serving knew their upcoming serving commitments.

My ChurchSuite allows you to see all your serving dates, accept and decline upcoming times and see who else is serving on with you.

If you’re new to the church and would like a My ChurchSuite account please contact the church office and we’d love to help.

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Benefits of My ChurchSuite

View all your SWLV Emails in one place
Control your comms preferences
Manage personal info
Manage privacy settings
View all your serving rotas
Take control of your financial giving
Reduce unnecessary office admin
Ensures up to date data
Parents easily manage kids info
View and sign up to events
Easily join small groups
Catch up on talks
GDPR compliant

This also help our VKids and Youth leaders have the most up-to-date safeguarding information about the children in their care, including accurate allergy information, medical notes and additional needs.

And provides a scaleable platform as we grow; a system that supports multiple ministries, events and community groups.

ChurchSuite is our admin facing database that allows us to monitor health and security across events, information storage and operations.
We use ChurchSuite so that we remain compliant with GDPR legislation, supporting our data storage, safeguarding and compliance policies.