Safeguarding at SWLV

Jesus said, ‘Feed my lambs.’
Jesus said, ‘Take care of my sheep.’
Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep.’
John 21:15-17

One of things that’s important for us to underline from time to time is the value we place here at SWLV on Safeguarding children, youth and vulnerable adults.

As part of our commitment to Safeguarding, for many years we’ve been members of an independent national safeguarding organisation called Thirtyone:eight who work with churches and other organisations to ensure they are doing everything within their power to keep children and adults safe. 

Here at SWLV we believe that the church here should be a place where every child and adult can feel and be safe. But that doesn’t happen on its own.

Your Safeguarding Team

We have a whole Safeguarding Team who are here to serve you and to do all they can to ensure that we are doing all the things we possibly can to keep everyone safe.

Manny Garcia is our designated Safeguarding Coordinator. Email Manny

Ella Read is our Deputy Safeguarding Coordinator. Email Ella

Stephanie Bell is our Designated Safeguarding Trustee. Email Stephanie

If you would prefer to talk with someone beyond South West London Vineyard, we would encourage you to do so, and you may find the following contact details helpful:


Whatever your concern – recent or non-recent – if it relates to safeguarding or concerns of spiritual abuse, or even if you’re not sure, call the Thirtyone:eight Safeguarding Helpline.

The Thirtyone:eight Safeguarding Helpline is staffed by trained professionals who provide safeguarding advice and guidance and operate an out of hours service for urgent calls.

Helpline: 0303 003 1111

In an emergency, especially if someone is in immediate danger of harm, you should always call 999 straight away and ask for the police.

How Do We Keep People Safe?

Keeping everyone safe at SWLV includes:

  • Ensuring our teams working with Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adults are all safely recruited
  • All those teams undergo; an application process; interviews; Criminal Records Checks (DBS); references and each one undergoes safeguarding training
  • We have a Safeguarding Policy, which is kept up to date and is reviewed & updated each year before being submitted to Thirtyone:eight for their review and comment
  • A key part of what we do to keep people safe is to respond to any concerns raised no matter how small they may be
  • On-going training is a priority for all Staff, Trustees & Teams, which includes, Safeguarding Children, Safeguarding Adults, Working Safely & Basic First Aid. This important commitment to on-going training is again to ensure that everyone is as fully equipped as possible to ensure everyone’s well-being & safety here at SWLV

How Can You Help?

The Trustees and Leadership have overall responsibility for all aspects of Safeguarding, however, we can’t do this on our own.

  • Let’s all respect one another’s boundaries
  • If you’re not on the VKids or Youth team, please don’t wander where their activities are taking place
  • During Ministry when praying for others, please try to do so with at least 1 other person present and always, always be appropriate
  • Do what you can to support your Safeguarding Team – Manny, Ella & Stephanie – as they do all they can to help ensure everyone is safe , which can often be a challenging task
  • If you’re a Team Member, on any of our Teams, please complete your e-learning
  • If you see or hear ANYTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable no matter how small please report your concerns Manny, Ella, Stephanie

Let’s make SWLV safer for everyone together.