Activity #4 Suitcase prayers cover image

Activity #4 Suitcase prayers

Climate Change Conversation Starter & Prayer Activity

Sunday 24 October 2021 - Suitcase Prayers

Take: Take a suitcase/holdall, paper, pens and scissors.

Ask: Is everyone who packs a suitcase going on holiday? Why else may they be travelling? Where are they going?

  • All over the world, men, women and children have to move to a different area or country because of climate change. They may not be able to grow enough food or they may of lost their homes in a weather event.

Ask: Do we know any refugees?

  • You may have refugee families in your area or know of organisations that work with refugees in this country or across the world.
  • Refugees do move for other reasons, sometimes, move to escape violence, or because their beliefs mean they are not welcome in their home country or area.

Talk: as family about what you can do.

Pray: for the Holy Spirit to be speaking to us as a church as we try to do our bit.

Pray: use the paper and pens to draw around your feet as a way of standing in solidarity with those who had to flee to find safety. (You could write prayers on the footprints.) Place the footprints in the suitcase as you ask the Holy Spirit to come on those individuals, families and communities whose home and towns have been destroyed because of the changing climate.

Love does not harm its neighbour

Romans 13:10, NIRV

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